Frequently Asked Questions


Q. My printer will not recognize the ink cartridges.

A. In most cases you need to reset the printer and ensure you have all the same back in the printer after reset.

1. Remove all ink cartridges from the printer

2. Switch off the printer.

3. Remove power cord from the outlet.

4. Wait one minute.

5. Replace the power cord.

6. Replace the ink cartridges when requested by the printer.

7. Do a head cleaning and realignment routine.

Q. My printer still does not recognize the ink cartridges after doing a reset

A. Please ensure that the ink cartridges you bought are the correct one for your printer, this information is on the printer manufacturer’s website.

Q. There is no ink coming out of the ink cartridge or the print is faded

A. Please ensure that the yellow tape is taken off the top of the ink cartridge before installing it and do a print head clean, if there is still no ink coming out your print head may be blocked..

Q. Ink poured out of the ink cartridge as I was installing it.

A.  With ink cartridges like Canon, Lexmark and Kodak you must take off the yellow tape first before removing the orange cap on the bottom to prevent this from happening.

Q. The colors look washed out and off color when I print.

A.If this happens you need to realign the printer heads and do a printer head clean to restore the colors.

Q. I have just installed the ink cartridges and they are showing empty.

A. This is caused by either incorrect installation of the ink cartridges, by stopping the printer head manually and inserting the ink cartridges, or the printer has made an error in calculating ink levels.

Q. I cleaned my print head 3 or 4 times and now the ink cartridge shows nearly empty.

A. Every time you clean the print head you use about 20% of an ink cartridges volume in cleaning.

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